Coach Gordon Parent / Player Soccer Method

“What do we do for our kids during the offseason?”

This is a question I am asked consistently by parents of soccer players. The easy answer is tell them to run. “How far?”, they ask, and I tell them the average middle school midfielder runs from three to five miles in a normal match. This is where I am usually met with a blank stare or a questioning look; where I say, “Start there and any running is always better than none.”

I also realized that parents are afraid to coach their own kids in soccer unless they played somewhere along the way, and even then there is still some fear.

“Can I just pay you to coach them?”, they ask.

While I do not mind doing this, parents spend much more time with their player. They have the potential to make a lasting impact on their child’s training versus focusing on certain skills for an hour or two per week. When I tell them this, I often receive the statement “I do not know how”. This is where I come in!

18 years of coaching with many age groups and I heard these questions on repeat. When soccer is called “the beautiful game”, they are probably referring to college or professional soccer! Anyone who has seen six year-olds play soccer knows that is not beautiful or technically perfect. Every now and then a coach has a player that “gets it” and it’s magical. For most of us, it takes more effort.

I am solution-oriented by nature. So I started responding to the question with this question "What if I came up with a plan so you can train your own soccer player at your home on your own time with basically the same method I have used with success for the last 18 years. Would you buy that?"

The answer was almost always yes.

The idea for this actually originated with my own twin girls. I almost cried in 6th grade when they decided to switch to volleyball from soccer. After I got over the shock, I realized that this athletic dad needed to help them succeed. They would ask me to practice with them daily.

I knew nothing about volleyball but was determined to work with them. It began in our driveway - bump, set, hit. For 7 years we did this, I researched technique and we all got much better very quickly. I even ended up coaching their club team their senior year. I got even better and I went on to coach a developmental club volleyball team, and actually became a decent volleyball player myself. This lesson made me realize that many parents do not coach their own kids. But what happens if they do? Well, my twins played some varsity in their first high school volleyball season. I had made the effort and made a decent contribution. What if I could help parents do this same thing with their soccer players?

This is why I created the Coach Gordon Parent / Player coaching technique. I created the video that demonstrates the written version. Using my methods, parents will know exactly what they need to do to help their soccer players get better and find quicker success than they would on their own. I am able to take the fear away by letting parents know exactly what they need to be teaching. I share my teaching method to help get past the awkward relationship that exists when parents decide to work with their own kids.

Parent coaching on your own time and terms. What could feel better than helping your own kid succeed?

Check it out! Let Coach Gordon help you teach fundamental skills to your soccer player.

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