Who is Coach Gordon?

“Hi Coach!”

In our small town I hear this everywhere I go from kids, teenagers, and adults alike. I did not set out to become Coach Gordon, but I have been at “it” for 18 years and am very happy with the outcome.

In the beginning I wanted to continue my lifelong love affair with soccer by coaching my twin girls. At the same time I started running again and quickly progressed to be regionally competitive. During this period I was blessed to coach one group of six year-old players who I would coach again as varsity high school seniors deep into the state playoffs.

Over the last 18 years I built a life centered around athletics and endurance sports. I coached soccer, volleyball, track, cross-country and endurance sports of all kinds - many up to the high school level. I tested my theories on myself and learned what works and what doesn’t - many times the hard way!

I developed what I thought was a bank of useless knowledge until realizing I could train athletes of all kinds to better themselves. I have continued to compete into my 50’s and to my surprise I am still gathering knowledge that I can use to help athletes in their competitive journey. My mission is to share this training information with as many athletes as possible.

Do I hope to make money from this? In the interest of being transparent the answer, in part, is yes. That being said, coaching is a ministry first. I believe if I focus on ministry, the rest will fall into place. I focus on coaching kids and adults using new techniques based on plyometrics, Crossfit, endurance, and yoga. I utilize concepts such as periodization -  you must walk before you can run, run before you can race, and train fast to race or play fast.

For a long time, I thought everyone had some basic knowledge of how sports and training works, but the years have taught me that the opposite is true.

Everyone, including me, can use good coaching and everyone needs good resources to move forward in their athletic lives.

I look forward to having the opportunity to help you!

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