Tips from Coach Gordon

⚽️Quick Transition Drill⚽️

Place the Goals back to back and play a 360 degree scrimmage!
This drill increases decision making skills and shooting options.
It also challenges the keeper in how to adjust to attacks beginning from behind them.


⚽️Shoe Review⚽️

Here's a quick run down of the different shoe and cleat options for your child players and the best environment for each.



⚽️Hit the Buckets for Developing Accuracy⚽️
This simple but effective drill develops accuracy for players of all ages as well as bringing a fun gamification angle with the points system to determine the winner.
Try it with your player(s) and let us know how it goes!



⚽️Special Support & Protection Shin Guards!

These special guards have support and protection for the ankle as well as the heel, and many people don't even know they are out there.



Which Ball to Choose?⚽️

There are different balls for different environments, here is a quick review. And be careful not to overspend!
Some options are priced way to high and aren't worth the investement for a practice ball!



Combing Moves

Once your young players have a grasp on a few different moves, start having them stack them together. First 2, then 3, then more.
This helps build their skill set step-by-step!



Juggling for One Minute for Totals

Try Juggling for One Minute Totals instead of consecutive totals.
It's a great way to build your skills up to going for consecutive totals!



Sweeper Stay Home

Try this method to create a strong defense against goals and keep things tight.










Where are most Goals Scored?


Shooting - Let's add some power!

There is an art to shooting and to get maximum power you have to engage all the mechanics in the correct order.

Take a look at the pros taking shots on goal and most of the time they land on the same foot they strike the ball with - often 4 feet away from the actual first contact. 

Here are some best practices for shooting:

1. Run onto the ball
2. Plant your foot (non-kicking) next to the ball in the direction you want it to go.
3. Take a high swing drawing your shooting leg behind you - think of cocking a gun.
4. Find the exact middle of the ball and focus your vision on that spot.
5. Swing through the ball with laces of the shoe or slightly inside the foot.
6. Chest (like shining headlights) over ball through swing then finish pointing in the direction of the shot (never leaning back).
7. Follow through with the kicking leg ending as high as possible.
8. Landing on the same leg you kicked with as far away as possible.
9. Nothing but the back of the net is acceptable - Bang!



Enjoy this dual-tip video!

Tip # 1 Juggling with purpose
Juggling from feet to thigh to head and shoulder is more effective than freestyle (free flow juggling with no plan)

Tip #2 Repetition and non dominant foot shooting
Non dominant foot training in the off season is crucial for this player who has to play in college. The drill should center around shooting one ball after another with the goal of putting them all on frame. This is just like a basketball player does with free throws.



First Touch
Learning how to use Momentum and Inertia to your favor